Standing on the banks of a lovely canal near to the Belgian town of Lokeren, the very modern Villa SeaSide dazzles with its impressive design. The commissioned architect conjured up an innovative property in a wonderful location from a building in need of renovation. The proud concrete facade of the front side of the house completely shuts out the prying eyes of passers-by and protects the family’s privacy. Visible is the angular construction, which is dominated by light-coloured building blocks. Only a large fixed window sits loftily above the notched gable and supports the plain appearance of the facade on this side. The adjoining building block on the right-hand side containing the garage sets itself apart stylishly in terms of colour thanks to the special choice of material. Fabulous atmosphere That is contrasted by the rear side, which gleams in a modern look thanks to its unreserved openness to the surrounding nature. A look at the rear side of the building shows: one… continue

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