The Making of the 2016 AZ Awards Trophy and Installation | Architonic

5 juillet 2016

The winners of the sixth annual AZ Awards not only received recognition for their groundbreaking projects and products – they also took home a trophy designed and made by Omer Arbel. A halo of bubbles surround the polished pewter letters A and Z, created in a completely novel process. The Vancouver designer approaches each project according to the general philosophy that guides his studio: invent fabrication processes that yield new forms. Rather than imagining the final form, that is, the studio imagines an experimental method that results in a new product. This is how it has created the numbered lighting series of its world-renowned Bocci brand, from the folded porcelain shapes of 21 to the ethereal, fabric-textured glass clouds of 73. For the AZ trophies, Arbel sought to stick to the iconography of the brand, keeping the two letters – the A and the Z – distinct. These were cast in pewter, in two-inch-deep moulds that were placed on an L-shaped aluminum tray. The tray was suspende

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