Wauv, I totally like the combination of design and wild look. Now I just need to find the hotel to put it in;)By Gitte Peyro-Saint-Paul

C’est magnifique!By Pamela O’Brien

What a nice one! natural and contemporary at the same time and I assume you can fold it .By Eva-Elisabeth Wallendahl Knudtzon

Hi James,
Really nice design. Hope all goes well with it.

Best regards,Annette Taylor-AndersonCreative Director/Designer, founder of ATADesigns.

What a beautiful design! Robin Jurovich, Interior designer at Flegels

Lovely – absolutely lovely. Denise Butchko, Closet Design Consultant/Trainer/Author

essenziale e prezioso!By luca massacesi

Fabulous!!By Kristy Cohn

Elegant! Good luck with your new piece. By Kelly Collins

This is a Great Piece, My Best to you. By Gene Jasmer

James ,
you can be proud of your creation, it is really very beautiful!
Congratulations. By Xavier Hary

Luggage rack

luggage rack for hotel room

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