Can you tell a photograph from a visualisation? If you can, you are blessed with more than just a trained eye, because these days even experts who constantly deal with “genuine” and well-made “simulated” images can’t differentiate between the two. In the past, visualisations often appeared artificial or excessively technical, and the available software simply wasn’t capable of creating authentic-looking images. This has changed, with new technology having advanced to the point that true experts can now produce visualisations that are indistinguishable from photos. One specialist in this field is the Wuppertal company sooii. The firm creates high-end 3D visualisations in the areas of architecture, interiors and products. “We see ourselves as setting the pace for the new possibilities in virtual image production,” says sooii founder and managing director Arndt Johannes. “What we’re doing is a far cry from conventional visualisations.” Johannes knows that in virtual architecture today, an… continue

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