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29 avril 2017

“The Four Elements” is the new CCube exposition concept, the Cleaf corporate showroom, designed by Studiopepe. An immersive pathway that explores the versatility of Cleaf surfaces through the theory of the four elements of Nature: water, air, earth and fire. A multisensory environment in which the visitor can move freely to discover the multiplicity of finishes and decorative papers which interact with each other through the law of the ‘harmony of the elements’. CCube’s light and airy rooms occupy 700 sqm of floorspace on four levels to provide: a site specific installation in the central area, a series of abstract compositions on the walls of the four main rooms and four exposition platforms on the two basement floors. The space is completed by a lounge and consulting area in the wings of the entrance and a meeting area on the top floor. Site specific installation (central area) A forest of melamine faced panels in different shapes and sizes welcomes the visitor and guides the… continue

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