Schätti Leuchten is a young brand. It was created in 2012, when managing director Thomas Schätti first presented the Tabular and Pendar lamps at Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal. It is an offshoot of the family-run company Schätti AG Metallwarenfabrik, which he manages together with his brothers Jos and Stefan. Schätti has a wealth of expertise in sheet metal forming and is based in Schwanden, an Alpine community in the Canton of Glarus. Founded about 80 years ago, the company started out making furniture components but has established apparatus engineering as a second core area over the last ten years, as well as developing and producing various lighting projects and designer luminaires. The Schätti Leuchten collection resulted from the firm’s long-standing collaboration with designer Jörg Boner, who developed the three-leafed Dri lamp for the company’s 75th anniversary in 2009. Until recently, the main focus was on luminaires for working environments and architectural lighting. Now,… continue

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