Every new development starts with an idea. And for Josef Huber, managing director of Solid, the technical aspects of an intelligent production solution should come next. In order to keep quality high and costs low, every flash of inspiration is considered from the angle of technical and financial feasibility right from the start. Huber and his team collaborate with regional specialists – all of them long-standing partners. “Obviously the price pressure in our industry is intense. But in our experience, when it comes to suppliers, the cheapest is rarely the best. We say no to cut-price offers from abroad on principle. I guess you could say we’re typically Swiss in that respect: very stubborn! If we want sustainable production, we’ve got to do it here. If we outsource it to China, we lose all control of ecology and quality,” says Josef Huber. Apart from a few exceptions like American walnut, most of the wood Solid uses for its furniture comes from Switzerland. Individual requests can be… continue

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