All the praise we received from the press, from architects, buyers, designers, stylists and other visitors demonstrated to us once again that there is a consistent wish for a curated event that shows an overview of what’s happening in contemporary design. We are delighted to have brought this again to the Milan Design Week! Over 115.000 visitors found their way to the Lambrate area and the opening event has never before been so well visited. Those who came to the area saw the varied designs of 126 exhibitors, showing experimental material research, social projects, thrilling movements in lighting and other thought-provoking design trends. Ventura Lambrate 2017 Highlights One notable visitor was the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala. The former commissioner of the Expo Milan 2015 World Fair was more than happy to see every single exhibition. Both from the perspective of the cultural development of the city, as well as from the perspective of someone who knows t… continue

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