Kazuto Yoshikawa had been working for the Italian furniture company Cassina IXC in Japan for 12 years, when, in 2012, he decided to make a career change, and devote himself to the study of Japanese woodcraft and furniture making. In his studio in Tokyo, he carefully selects the appropriate material for each of his works, integrating the natural irregularities of wood grain into a range of products from tableware to furniture. Kazuto Yoshikawa talks about his former career and wood as a material. How did you discover woodworking for you as a profession? I grew up in the countryside of Fukushima. There was a grove just behind my house and I used to go there and play with the trees. I liked making things with my hands so it was natural for me to play with branches and wooden blocks in the grove. I made bows, swords, spoons, toys and even a small shed. So the profession I do now is just a continuation from the time of my childhood. What did you do for Cassina in Japan? I was worki… continue

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