headline.browser-titleSefar: Refined lightness

16 août 2016

The special fabrics for architectural applications are geared to the diverse requirements of indoor and outdoor spaces. Thanks to their high level of flexibility, they can be individually adapted to the respective circumstances. There are essentially three application ?areas: fabric&weather, fabric&light and -fabric&glass. Light-transmitting PTFE fabrics (fabric&weather) are suited for applications requiring maximum tensile strength values in outdoor environments, e.g. membrane and lamellar structures, sun blinds, screens, large and small foldable structures, awnings, etc. They are permanently UV-resistant and colourfast, phthalate-free, weather-resistant, water- and dirt-repellent. Wide-ranging fabric- and light-transmitting specifications mean that they offer both high functional and aesthetic value. The design freedom with them is virtually unlimited, as the example of the mosque of Medina al-Munawwarah impressively shows. Inside, translucent light-transmitting PVDF fabric (fabric&l

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