2017 goes green Green is the on-trend colour for 2017: The colour experts at PANTONE have named Greenery, a fresh yellow-green, the Color of the Year that is set to conquer the worlds of fashion, architecture and design. And this is just one green variant among many. Depending on the nuance, green can be vitalising and stimulating or calming but: yellowish green tones are invigorating, while the more bluish hues tend to be calming. The bright shades of green in the COLORVISION range can bring interesting plays of colour to the wall that lend a tender and light appearance. The darker green of the Art Nouveau-inspired MON CŒUR décor tiles, on the other hand, radiates elegance, tranquillity and stability. Calming room concepts can be staged using blue-green. These are recommended for the bedroom, relaxation zones, and of course for the bathroom. Here, for example, the wall concept CHÉRIE provides modern staging of nostalgic patterns in gentle turquoise. And the DÉGRADÉ range bri… continue

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